Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Fun

Yesterday, Christian had early dismissal at school.  We decided that it would be a great day to take the boys over to Eckert's Millstadt to pick apples and play.  As it turns out, it was the perfect time to go.  The weather was spectacular, and because it was a Friday afternoon, the crowds were non-existent.  The kids had a ball.

I'd given the boys a map of the farm before we arrived.  They spent much of the drive over plotting out what they wanted to do first.

First up, apple picking.

 And apple eating.
Checking out an old tractor.
Connor loved riding bikes on the bike path.
 Kettle corn
 Darren was generous to take the boys on the Pumpkin Patch spinny-thing ride.  It made me queasy just watching them.
 Here he is after the ride.
 The boys did the big Mine Shaft slide, the Tower, swung on tire swings, saw lots of pumpkins, saw some friends from school, and played on the swing ride.

But what was the most fun--and looked like loads of fun to me--was the jumping pillow.  It was very, very had to get them off of this.  Everybody, Jump, Jump!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Social Studies

Christian was watching the news with me this morning--actually, he started off saying "I demand you turn on my shows!"

Right.  Like that's going to persuade me to put on cartoons.

So we watched the news.  After a few minutes, he started paying attention and asking some questions about the presidential election.  Yay for politics!  That led us to talking about the Constitution, which ultimately led me to introduce him to Schoolhouse Rock.  What a classic.

We watched the video about the Preamble...

Then a bit about Paul Revere
And then, Fireworks (this was Connor's favorite).

Followed by several others...YouTube is so great for pulling up these classics.

Now, it's off to a day of soccer.

Happy Fall!