Friday, October 12, 2012

In 1492...

It's Columbus Day today.  Some of you might still be among the lucky few who still have schools or workplaces that recognize the observed holiday with a day off.  No such luck in our house!

We have been looking forward to Columbus Day for a week or two now though.  That's because Christian's first grade class learned that they would be putting on a little Columbus Day play for the parents.  To top it off, Christian was assigned the role of Christopher Columbus.

This afternoon, a gaggle of parents headed to the first grade room for the show.  Say hello to Christopher C!

At the end of the play, the kids sang a song about Columbus.  After the first time through, they asked everyone else to join in singing. I'm trying to upload a video of the song, but for some reason the video won't load.  Stay tuned!

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