Monday, October 1, 2012

Soccer Saturday

Yes, I know it's Monday evening.  It was such a hectic weekend that I never got around to posting a snapshot of a fun, fun Soccer Saturday.

Better late than never!

We started the day at Vetta where Connor is taking a soccer class with a group of four and five year olds.  It's been great to watch Connor get his turn at being the one on the field.  He's fast--unlike his brother, he thinks carefully about what he's doing.  Watching him, it's as though he's thinking to himself "I have to get my footwork just so...."

He's also discovered that it's fun to slide on the ground when he's heading to kick the ball.  Silly kid!

The coordination of four year olds is hysterical.  I love watching them try to do jumping jacks.  They may not be moving their arms and legs in sync, but boy they're giving it all they've got.

 After Connor's class wrapped up, we headed out to watch Chrisitian and the first grade Chargers play their third game of the season.  Heading into this game, the Chargers were 2-0.  What a fun season this has been so far.  The boys are playing much better as a team and their skills are getting stronger.

Game three was a wild ride.  The score was 0-0 deep in the second half.  The Chargers had been playing a strong game--great defense and good aggression on offense.  Despite a lot of shots on goal, nothing had made it into the net.

With five or six minutes left in the game, Christian seemed to have decided it was time to wrap the game up.  Next thing we knew, Christian was breaking away out of a pack of players at mid-field, charging toward the goal.  Boom!  GOAL!

No sooner was the ball back in play than Christian found himself with the ball again.  Boom! GOAL!

Final score: 2-0.

What a game.

First grade soccer is the best!

After Christian's game, we headed to watch the Lutheran High School South varsity team play a game.  Lutheran South had invited the area Lutheran schools to the game.  A strong showing of CCLS kids were there, most still in their red soccer jerseys from the day's games.

At halftime, there was a drawing for six kids to come on to the field for a kicking contest.  Wouldn't you just know it, but Christian's name was called.  Out he goes...

Each kid got to take five shots on goal.

Christian steps up...
He's that little-bity red speck in the middle.

He sends four of five into the net.

After the game, the grade school kids were invited onto the field to play a game.  Christian made sure that Connor came out to the field with him.

There were students from other area Lutheran schools there, but it was rather hard to tell as all of the CCLS kids were in uniform.  A sea of red.  They lined up before taking the field.

The "game" started out with all kids on the field.  After a time, the older kids came off to let the K-4 set play.  After the younger kids finished, the older kids went back on the field.
When all was done, Connor--all smiles--led the pack off the field.

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